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  J.E. Grieshober - an Award Winning Plumbing and Hot Water Heat Contractor, Jim Grieshober Registered Master Plumber.  
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Professional Affiliations

We value our membership in the Builders Association of Northwestern Pennsylvania and its affiliations, the Pennsylvania Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders. Together, they represent the advocates for future homebuyers and the source of information for the construction industry and its many Professionals.

Builders Association of Northwestern Pennsylvania
National Association of Home Builders
Pennsylvania Builders Association


J.E. Grieshober Plumbing Hydronics in Erie PA, is an Established, Customer Oriented, Family Owned & Operated, Insured Firm - that offers many diverse plumbing and hydronics services, materials, and products for the Homeowner, General Contractor and for Commercial Businesses.

The Firm was established in 1967 and has continued to provide professional services and products to date. The owner, Jim Grieshober, makes certain that he and his staff stay current with the ever-changing techniques, technologies, and products available for home and commercial applications, by doing so - the Firm can make certain that their Customer’s needs are exceeded with professional expertise and quality products.

Whenever you have a plumbing issue that requires a repair, replacement, and/or a combination of both, using the correct materials and products for the job, we are the Firm to Hire.   Plumbing with Confidence 814.864.9883

We offer services ranging from the simple repair of a leaking faucet or drain cleaning, to the complete plumbing requirements of a home renovation project that might include a new bathroom, kitchen, gas line, and/or for all of the home plumbing challenges that happen on a daily basis. We specialize in working with Homeowners directly, or with General Contractors regarding new home construction. Additionally, our proven Hydronics knowledge of using plumbing and water as the heat-transfer medium for heating systems could also be advantageous when considering an in-floor radiant heat solution.

We choose to limit our Commercial Business service offerings to the comprehensive care of bathrooms, kitchens and contiguous projects requiring plumbing and/or hydronics attention. Like some Homeowners, many Commercial Customers require repairs to older hydronics systems, such as but not limited to, steam and hot water radiators. These systems can sometimes be very challenging to repair and this is where our many years of experience can save Customer investment dollars while making certain that the necessary repairs are completed in a timely manner and within budget.

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Please take a moment to review our Ask the Professional for commonly asked questions or for insights regarding issues that arise when working on plumbing projects, and we have conveniently provided a Project Gallery as part of this site. This gallery depicts many of our satisfied Customer’s completed projects that will provide insight for making good decisions, like choosing the right Firm for a modest Fee, and we include Suppliers & Product Manufacturers that offer the quality of materials and products that we are accustom to working with and using to provide a productive and justifiable solution.

The Jim Grieshober Philosophy & History

My Father used a very personal and inspirational phrase
"I hope it lasts 25 years and I am around to change it"

At first, when I started working with him in 1968, I did not understand the importance and depth of that statement. Later, and after digging many ditches, installing sewer lines, and acting as Dad's gofer, I started to grasp an understanding of the basics to making that statement. Then, I started to truly listen to my Father discussing Customer’s problems with them, and I realized that he was making their issues and needs, his. He was open and honest with every statement that came out of his mouth, and he would go out of his way to make sure that he would find the correct materials or products to use at the best price. Then he would resolve the Customer’s issue with care, and he took such pride in his clean approach to finishing the job. I became much more interested in following in Dad’s footsteps and his approach to doing business. I was proud of my father’s work and the way he treated people, so in 1973 I took and passed my Journeyman Plumbers Test and became the youngest Licensed Plumber in the City of Erie’s history, shortly after, I was appointed as Secretary of the Erie Plumbing Code Commission. Dad was pleased, but he wanted to make certain that I understood that a License was not the end of it, he impressed upon me that every Customer’s job was an opportunity to add a new member to the Family’s business. He would tell me, if you are honest, use the right materials and products, treat each Customer with respect, and do a professional clean job - they will stay with you for years, and it doesn’t hurt to remind them that you are interested in future work! My Father was a very good man, and an exceptional Family leader, but that leadership was not one of arrogance, he recognized it in me, and he saw the innovator in me so in 1978, he assisted me with the installation of the first Active Solar Hot Water Units in Northwestern Pennsylvania. He realized my value and sincere interest in the business and my performance; because in 1980, Dad wanted me to buy into the Firm, and he was very pleased that I was becoming a true service provider and not just a repairman.

Although I enjoyed the work and the Trade, I felt that I could achieve even more,
so I invested the time and studies, and in 1983 achieved the designation of a
Registered Master Plumber,
and became very active in various Trade Associations.

Together in 1985 we installed the first indirect water heater, using a high efficiency boiler as a heat source. A year later, a major U.S. boiler company used a likeness of that installation in their advertising; we were, and continue to be on the cutting edge of our industry using our knowledge and available materials and products in innovative ways, and we always make certain that our Customers receive this insight at no cost to them. My Father unexpectedly passed away in 1994 at the age of 68 and I became the sole owner of the business. He taught and showed me well, and I continue with his Legacy providing exemplary services and products.

My Firm has been a Member of the Builders Association of Northwest Pennsylvania since 1976; and I have served in many leadership positions locally, regionally, and in the Pennsylvania State Associations. My completed work efforts have lead to many Industry Awards. In fact J.E. Grieshober Plumbing Hydronics is the only Plumbing or Heating Firm to win multiple Builders Association "Awards of Excellence" and has been the plumbing sub-contractor on more award winning projects than any other company.

A humbling highlight for me came when I was named
Pennsylvania Small Contractor of the Year

This was the only time that I am aware of, that a Trade Contractor and not a Builder received this personal recognition. Based on our industry acknowledgements and their many Awards presented to us, I am comfortable with using these designations in our advertising - an Award Winning Plumbing and Hot Water Heat Contractor.

I have taken a serious approach to growing my Firm through new capabilities, additional service offerings, and most importantly paying attention to every Customer's request by acting as their personal problem solver. If I do not have the answer or solution when asked, I will obtain it; and like Dad, if I make a mistake I will own up to it and immediately bring it to the Customer’s attention, then resolve it at my expense. I honestly believe that I live my Philosophy each day of my life by simply making certain that I never stray from what I have learned and grew up with - that is, treating every individual with respect, compassion and understanding, and taking ownership of a Customer’s issue by resolving it in a timely manner for a fair fee.

Jim Grieshober
Owner, Registered Master Plumber


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